Top 10 Fantasy Football Tight Ends For 2009

10. Zach Miller, Oakland Raiders. The youthful tight end broke out last season, with steady yardage per game, having gotten for 778 absolute yards. Shockingly, he just scored 1 TD, and the Raiders’ capacity to score will vigorously factor into his worth this season. 

9. Jeremy Shockey. A best 5 tight end in the relatively recent past has slipped in the rankings, notwithstanding the way that he plays for a best 3 dream quarterback in Drew Brees. Last season was a significant disappointment for Shockey and his proprietors, damaged with injury (he missed 4 games), and Shockey incredibly scored no TDs. He additionally posted a lifelong low 483 yards. Search for a bounceback season from Shockey, however the danger factor places Shockey at #9. 

8. Chris Cooley. Another customarily top-5 tight end, Cooley just found the end zone once last season. While he posted a lifelong high in getting yards (849), dream football is about the scores, and Cooley missed the vessel there. He has simple top 5 potential with those yards should he score 5 or 6 TDs, yet the Washington offense is faulty and others look more appealing given their QBs. Visit :- ข่าวกีฬา

7. Owen Daniels. This youthful ability keeps on improving every year, and has discreetly developed as one of the most solid TEs in football over the past couple seasons. His 862 getting yards were third best for a TE, however Daniels just scored two TDs. In any case, his dependability joined with his potential gain will satisfy most GMs, and Daniels falls at number 7 on the rundown this season. 

6. Greg Olsen. A genuine sleeper this season as in Olsen most likely has more potential gain than some other tight end this season. With Jay Cutler in charge, Olsen could undoubtedly have a breakout year at tight end, since included Cutler generally prefers to get with his tight closures. Olsen got for 574 yards and scored 5 TDs last season, however should best both of those numbers with Cutler’s assistance. 

5. Dallas Clark. At the point when Peyton Manning is your quarterback, it’s not hard to do incredible things. Clark has become an inexorably dependable choice with each season, as Manning manages a frequently twofold joined Reggie Wayne and a maturing Marvin Harrison. Clark’s 848 yards and 6 TDs are simply too acceptable to even consider passing up, offering genuine incentive at the TE position. 

4. Kellen Winslow. The 2007 season was a lifelong year for Kellen Winslow, having gotten for more than 1100 yards and posting a lifelong TD high too. Last season, Winslow relapsed (he just played 10 games) – incompletely because of injury and mostly because of a dim QB circumstance in Cleveland. Winslow joins its Buccaneers group and should assume a significant function in its offense. He’s a less secure play as in there’s both more danger and compensation than there is with alternatives like Dallas Clark. Draft appropriately. 

3. Antonio Gates. Until a year ago, Gates was the agreement #1 dream tight end. Entryways’ 704 accepting yards last season (seventh best for a tight end) have ousted him, for the time being in any event. With all due respect, he scored 8 TDs, second best for any close end. Numbers anybody would be glad to take. 

2. Jason Witten. With the nonappearance of Terrell Owens, there are many question marks in Dallas. However long Romo’s there, be that as it may, Witten should see a lot of targets. Actually, Romo may come to depend on Witten significantly more, particularly in the red zone. Witten started last season as the best close end in football, yet immediately slipped after a bothering rib injury eased back his season. He’s refreshed and solid, and ought to have returned to posting customary WR numbers each end of the week.  1. Tony Gonzalez. 2008 was a recovery year for Gonzalez, who drove all TEs in yards (1058) and TDs (10) last season, conveying huge numbers of his proprietors to the dream end of the season games. Gonzalez ends up as a component of a more grounded offense in Atlanta, and ought to interface with Matt Ryan for long gatherings and TDs on numerous Sundays. Gonzalez is one of the most skilled TEs in the game, and has just missed two games in his long term profession. He hasn’t got for under 900 yards in a season since 2002-2003. Appreciate him