Review of Famous Martial Arts Movies – Game of Death (1978)

Certainty: Bruce Lee’s genuine burial service film was utilized to show Billy Lo’s memorial service scenes in “Round of Death”.


At the point when we talk about unbelievable hand to hand fighting geniuses, a few names ring a bell. Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen are some different names that harvest up. Nonetheless, we as a whole concur that the God of Martial Arts is the unbelievable Bruce Lee.


Bruce Lee could just make 5 motion pictures out of which four are works of art. His first film was the super forceful “The Big Boss” trailed by “Clench hand of Fury”. His third film  ศิลปะในตำนาน  “Method of the Dragon” considered Lee to be as a chief. The most mainstream film was “Enter the Dragon”. Tragically for us, he kicked the bucket under strange conditions not long after the film was delivered and finished what could have been an unbelievable vocation of hand to hand fighting works of art.


During this time, Lee had started dealing with a content named “Round of Death”. He had effectively finished the peak scenes before he died. The film was delivered a few years after the fact after his passing. Shockingly, disregarding the film being a fantastic combative techniques film, it got a ton of reactions and awful appraisals.


In the film, Lee assumes the part of a Hong Kong based celebrity. The Syndicate needs Lee (Billy Lo) and his sweetheart to be an aspect of their “administration firm”. Disregarding a few endeavors to “energize” Billy, he won’t move. Anyway when an endeavor to take his life happens, he fakes his own demise, changes his looks and plans to bring down the organization each in turn.


The story has the same old thing as we have seen Lee being pushed to the verge even previously. In the film, Bruce Lee really shows up during the most recent 20 minutes. The character of Billy Lo was played for the remainder of the film by Kim Tai-Chung. It is obvious that the creators attempted to shroud the way that it was not Lee with the assistance of numerous shots from behind or demonstrating Kim donning immense shades and a whiskers. Bruce Lee’s outward appearances are cut from his different motion pictures and stuck all through the film. This cut-and-glue position really makes the film look entertaining now and again.


The battle successions are astounding. In one scene we see Bruce bringing down Dan Inosanto. Notwithstanding, the scene that was epic in itself was the duel among Lee and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Full credit goes to Bruce Lee and Sammo Hung for arranging the best peak scene ever.


A few pundits think the film was an “indecent endeavor to make a full length film”. The utilization of a body twofold for the larger part segment of the film brought about an entertaining chain of occasions all through the film. Notwithstanding, there are numerous charming minutes also – the movement is splendid and the last 20 minutes merits sitting tight for. All things considered, the film is engaging however at times an entertaining joy.