Postal Packaging Supplies

Whilst a large number of us will ship a lot of goods using a parcel courier, a lot of companies and home based business in particular will choose to send packages by post. Sending packages by post is ideal for lightweight parcels, or items that are not too bulky. The majority of postal services will provide you with various different delivery options, including next day delivery. This makes them appealing to a large number of businesses to use to send packages. liteblue usps gov

Here are a few key packaging materials that make sending packages by post easy:

Padded or Bubble Padded Postal Bags – These are fairly light in weight, and ideal for sending small items, as they can fit in most post boxes. Bought in bulk they are a cheap packing material.

Cardboard Postal Mailing Tubes – These are very sturdy packing material and suited to packing a wide range of goods into. They also often have a blank address label pre-printed on them. They can also easily be re-used.

Postal Mailing Boxes – These have been specifically designed to meet the new height and width regulations brought in by the Royal Mail. Use the right one of these and you can save a lot of money on postage costs.

Wine Bottle Mailing Boxes – These are specifically designed to ship wine bottles safely through the post without breakages occurring.

Postal Despatch Bags – These are made of plastic yet they are incredibly tear resistant, and once the self-seal has been stuck down, you will only open them again with scissors. They are ideal as a second level of security over the top of a padded postal bag.

Foam Lined Postal Boxes – These are padded with foam inside and are ideal for even the most fragile of items. Very strong when sealed with packing tape.